“Randy has a very complete knowledge on the industry. He forecasted the slow down and made adjustments in his own firm well in advance of the current recession. He understands the relationships in the supply chain of the industry (from commodity prices to cost of labor, to cost of equipment, to the margin & risk differences between public and private land). I believe he knows how to make money in this industry in both boom and bust cycles. I have found him personally to have high integrity and to speak the truth even when it's not to his advantage.” May 31, 2010 Kyle Dean, CFO, Burgerville

"I have had the pleasure of working with Randy marketing his company, Timber Tomorrow. Being familiar with marketing and public relations, but not with the logging industry, it has been an amazing experience to dive into helping a new client in an industry that I was not familiar with. Randy has been a wealth of information about the timber industry and has provided excellent guidance, background and knowledgeable information about what it means to be involved in natural resource production. Randy is very hands-on as a business man. He exemplifies outstanding integrity, honor and ethics; not only around his profession, but in his relationships with the people in his life as well. When he states that he will get the job done, you can trust that he is a man of his word. I highly recommend Randy and Timber Tomorrow!"” June 15, 2010 Nicole Dodson, Marketing & Community Relations

“You cannot find a more honest, trustworthy and capable person then Randy Perkins. I have worked with him on numerous projects and he always performs at the highest level and I would recommend him without hesitation.” May 18, 2010 Mark Dreyer, Owner, Lone Cedar Consulting, Lone Cedar Tree Farm

Randy Perkins has been a supplier of logs to several sawmills that I have purchased raw material for. He has supplied logs from private landowners, large industrial landowners and government agencies such as U. S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Oregon Department of Forestry. The product was delivered in the specifications it was ordered and delivered in a timely manner. You could be assured that the land the logs were removed from were treated with the best forest management practices and a new crop of trees would be forthcoming.” May 14, 2010 Bob Shore hired Randy as a General Contractor in 2007, and hired Randy more than once.

“Randy is an honest, reliable and straightforward professional. He will get the job done.” May 14, 2010 Kim Rieck, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Glimcher Realty Trust

“Randy is a can-do, high energy man with very high ideals. His word is always good.. if he says he will do something, it will be done and with very high quality. He is honest and totally reliable - I would recommend Randy for any endeavor that he chooses! May 13, 2010 Tom Milne, Principal, Milne & Associates, LLC

“I have known Randy professionally and personally for the last 5 years and he is was one of the most professional, astute, and knowledgeable professionals in the industry. His knowledge and experience is second to none. I would recommend him without hesitation.” May 13, 2010 Britney Barnes, Loan officer, Northwest Mortgage Group

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