June 2010
To Forest Managers and Landowners,
My father became acquainted with the founder of Timber Tomorrow, Sandy Gordon, back in the mid-1980ís. Sandy built his business on thoroughly knowing the lumber and log markets, understanding on a case by case basis the interests of his clients, and working hard to maximize the value of the forest resources for his clients. We worked with Sandy before he partnered with Randy Perkins and while they worked together, and their philosophy and practice always remained the same.

This past year we called Timber Tomorrow to help us through some difficult financial times. With the recession in full swing we had to move a large amount of logs in a short amount of time. Once again, just as in old times, Randy pulled through for us. We got well above what we considered market value for our logs, and we were able to meet our obligations.

What you will get if you hire Timber Tomorrow is a true partner helping you think through an increasingly complicated and volatile log market. You will also get the highest quality workmanship. Randy, and his associate, Todd Merritt, always will do their best to maximize the utilization of your logs and match this with excellent prices at the mills. Randy also finished the job by leaving the land in the condition the landowner desires it. This can be a great help in reforestation, and, in the case of thinning jobs, with the quality of the stand and soils for future growth.

Marketing and harvesting a forest resource can be a n overwhelming and scary undertaking for most small landowners. My familyís been involved in this business for over 60 years and every year the market landscape is continually changing. We are proud to recommend Timber Tomorrow to any landowner who wants a partner in helping them meet the challenges of tomorrow. I know they will continue to be important partners with us, and more than that, friends in a time of need.

Edward Weisensee
Owner: Weisensee Forestry Inc.
Forest Manager: Weisensee-Graham Inc.
(503) 606-2644

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