Reference Letter

February 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

We just had Randy and Todd from Timber Tomorrow log a couple acres for us.  It has been a wonderful experience. They both took time to listen to what we wanted from the sale. Esthetics are important to us, as well as screening and the preservation of historic timber. They took time to walk us through our wood lot, explaining how the trees would be logged, milled, and replanted. We were impressed with the breath of their knowledge and experience, from the removal of both healthy and diseased trees, the logging and milling industries, and the selection of  subspecies of trees that would be best suited to our microclimate. They worked quickly, professionally and employed the nicest people to complete the job. What could have been a scary process was both painless and profitable. We highly recommend Timber Tomorrow as they are  professional, honest, and personable. Not only did their work vastly exceed our expectations, we have made two new friends.   


Dan and Jeanie Mason

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