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Timber Info Timber and or logs are a commodity. It is a market with buyers and sellers. It is a market that is difficult to understand because the buyers are buying and setting prices often for very different reasons. For example, one buyer's mill is about to run out of logs. This buyer may pay more because he knows it will cost him more to shut his mill down than to pay a little extra for your timber and keep the mill open. Another buyer just purchased a tract of timber right up the road from you that will keep him busy harvesting for the next six months. He will be less willing to pay top-dollar for your logs. Consider the typical situation. The timber buyer is almost always a professional who is trained to buy timber and does on a daily basis. The typical landowner sells timber only once or twice in an entire lifetime. The typical landowner simply does not have the same level of experience and understanding about timber as the typical buyer. It is nearly impossible to know all the reasons why buyers pay what they do for a specific tract of timber or logs on any given day. It becomes even more difficult for landowners who only participate in the market a few times in their life. At Timber Tomorrow we are committed to staying up to date on the current timber and harvesting markets. We know the buyers for the various types of forest products in your area. We make selling timber easy and selling timber is easy ... getting a good price for timber is not.

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