Since 1981

Since 1981

Randy Perkins

Timber Operations Manager

Randy is the go-to guy at Timber Tomorrow for all day-to-day logging operations. He is the on-the-ground management; getting the roads constructed, the timber harvesting completed and all the commitments met.

Randy has the timber business in his blood. At age 21, he was already running his own logging company. He has owned or managed five other forestry-centric businesses since, including one that pioneered “Cut to Length” timber harvesting systems.

In 1988, Randy was pictured on the cover of American Timberman magazine for a feature on “Up and coming logging companies to watch.” Because of that article, Randy was recruited by the New Zealand Forest Service as the first North American Logger to help design new roads and harvesting systems for their North Island tree farms.  In the 25+ years since, the Pacific Northwest’s timber industry has watched him make a real “best practices” mark; especially in the decade since joining Sandy Gordon in the business that has grown to become Timber Tomorrow.

Randy is involved with numerous industry efforts on behalf of worthy causes, including Load of Logs for Kids, Cut Down Cancer, Oregon Special Olympics and Relay for Life.


Sandy Gordon


Timber Tomorrow owes its reputation for exemplary forestry management to Sandy’s love of the woodlands, his belief in the good in all people, and his unwavering commitment to do good by everyone he worked with.

Sandy paired a BS in Biology from Cal State Northridge with a MS in Forestry Management from Oregon State University. And over his 33 years in the industry, he repeatedly gave back to the OSU forestry program lessons being learned in real life practice.

 Sandy was passionate about the timber industry and managing forests not just for return now, but also value in the future. He said often, “Logging doesn’t have to be ugly.” Just as often he said, “say what you do, and do what you say.” And Sandy practiced what he preached, from day one of founding Timber Tomorrow in 1974 until his untimely last day in 2007. 

 In all the days since, and for all the years ahead, we are intent on following Sandy’s lead.